I hired James Essenson’s Law firm to finalize my fathers estate after getting no where with a previous law firm. I was amazed how compassionate and professional they were to my needs. Darice, the paralegal was of extreme importance as she helped me sort through the many legal questions and items I had no idea how to complete. She and her team took the reigns and made it effortless for me, considering I was mourning the loss of my father and representing my family through the estate process. Their legal fees were less than what I anticipated and was money well spent. I would recommend the Law Firm of James Essenson to anyone looking for a caring hands on approach.

Thank you

Dana A.

Thanks Darice. You have been beyond professional and compassionate during this process.

I’m so thankful Mom chose you and Jim.

Jane M.

Thanks again to the two of you for all your help today,  as well as to  Megan, DW and your whole team! I couldn’t have entrusted this matter to anybody more caring,  responsive or qualified!!!

Talk to you soon.

Stan G.

Excellent Law Firm. Precise, professional, and great results. They investigated all my options, and were very informative about the case. Would contact them again. Very pleased.

Alejandro C.

Dear Jim:

Even without knowing how Judge Adams will rule, I wanted to let you know how impressed I was with your handling of the trial.  For someone who kept professing an aversion to figures and finance, your presentations to the Court and your examination of the witnesses reflected complete mastery of the subject.  That there were no surprises was a testament to your thorough preparations.  And throughout the trial, you were calm and unruffled – always in complete command.

Congratulations on an outstanding demonstration of trial preparation and technique.

Best regards,

Steven C.

Dear Jim and team,

Marilyn, Cindy, and I are very lucky that we had you represent Marilyn! You and your team were very compassionate, focused, and professional in every single aspect. Not only were you all so competent and energized, your results were spectacular, especially considering the complexity of the challenges that you faced.

All we can say is thank you, thank you, thank you for a job well done!!! Over a lifetime there are relatively few people that truly truly make a huge impact on one’s life, and you have made a big positive impact on all of our lives!!

Thank you!!!

Best Regards

Gene, Cindy & Marilyn

Have known Mr. Essenson for over 15 years and have had a great business relationship.  He has been a client of mine, business referral source and we have used the firm for Real Estate work.  All five star business dealings.  Would highly recommend him and the firm for family law, business law and title work for Real Estate closings –  very thorough and experienced staff.

Eric Peters, V.P.   Market Executive

I just wanted to say what a pleasure it was dealing with all of you; James, Tia & Barbara. You made a tedious task not so difficult. You were always professional and kind, not to mention that you were always extremely knowledgeable and informed. Even when I dropped by unexpected; due to living out of town; both James and Barbara always found their way out of the office to at least say hi or to extend their condolences. Truly it was as pleasurable as the experience could be. And, I always had upmost faith in your knowledge of the matters at hand.

Alan R.

Grand slam!!  You won so overwhelmingly the judge was comfortable ruling from the bench and in a way that precludes any meaningful appeal.  And then xxxxxxx got caught unprepared for your total victory that he was talking out of both sides of his mouth about guardians.  Great work, thanks.

Mark M.

Dear Jim:

Judith and I want to thank you for your advice on the eviction and for Barbara Welch’s work on it. We are writing this without knowing the outcome to express our gratitude for her deft handling of the task you assigned her, of her witness, xxxxxxxxx, and not the least in our eyes, of ourselves.  In addition to all the abilities you would expect of a trial lawyer, she has a way with people that many lawyers, in my long experience, lack.  She is an effective and thorough communicator, well organized and, in conversation, to the point.  We appreciated her efforts on Judith’s behalf.

Very truly yours,

David K. and Judith E.

Dear James, Barbara, Darice, Megan, Tia, and Britton:

I like to thank you all for the courteous treatment that you all gave to my beloved Peter during so many difficulties that we had together with him, for so many years!!!

Also for the excellent job that you all did for me, with the guardianship, and with survivor’s benefit from Germany.  And also the Medicaid problem!!!

With our love,

Peter, Ully and Karin S.

Thank You Mr. Essenson.  It was a pleasure to work with everyone in your firm, first class, professional, compassionate and kind.

God Bless!

Daniel C.

Dear Attorney Essenson:

During my 87 years I have used several legal firms to handle experiences requiring legal expertise.  None of them provided the level of competence, effectiveness, and concern demonstrated by you and your staff.  Without exception, you kept me informed, patiently explained the issues escaping my grasp, and pursued all matters in a timely and successful manner.  I always felt that I was a friend and appreciated the extraordinary way that I was treated.

Thanks for your help and please forward my appreciation to your excellent staff.

Warm regards,

Joseph S.

Dear Jim,

Thank you and your wonderful staff for all your wonderful help and support during a most difficult time.

With deep affection,

Eileen and Noel C.

To my hero, Barbara

Thank you so much for acting on my behalf to resolve this fiasco with xxxxxxx and xxxxxxxxxx.  I can’t thank you enough! It was such a relief to turn this mess over into your capable hands.  What a relief!!

I am forever grateful.  Please accept my heartfelt gratitude.


Hannah S.

Have worked with them for years and feel that Jim, Barbara and the staff have the client’s best interest truly in mind. Would recommend them to anyone.

Whitney LC

Knowledgeable and helpful, helped us thru a difficult time in our lives, thank you all!

Lynn Labree

Thank you for the Holiday(s) card.  It’s always nice to be reminded of the great service you provided to my aunt (xxxxx xxxxxxx) and myself.

Yours sincerely,

Douglas K.

We do thank you for your handling our case so masterly.  I never had the privilege of dealing with such a fine gentlemanlike, extremely well versed in delicate proceedings as you.  Altogether, an uplifting experience we never will forget.

Yours most sincerely,

Pierre M.

A few months ago I called the Florida Bar for a recommendation for a Lawyer to represent me in an Appeal by the Plaintiff in the case of Feldman V. Archer in the Circuit Court of Florida. The Circuit Court ruled in my favor dismissing Feldman’s case, and he appealed.

I called the Florida Bar for a recommendation for an Appellate Attorney to represent me in said case. James L. Essenson, Esq. of Sarasota was recommended.

Mr. Essenson filed an excellent brief and argued the matter before the Appellate Court. The Appellate Court affirmed the lower court’s decision to dismiss Feldman’s Complaint against me.

The purpose of this letter is to notify the Florida Bar how pleased I am with Mr. Essenson’s services in getting Feldman’s case dismissed against me and thank the Florida Bar for the referral.

Very truly yours,

Paul Archer

Hi Jim, Darice, and team,

Wow, Marilyn’s villa finally closed today. It frankly just would not have happened if you all had not been involved. Cindy, Marilyn, and I are so happy that we found your firm to represent us, and we want you to know that all of your patience and advice throughout this process is very much appreciated! What a competent, caring, and diligent team!!

Best Regards,

Gene T.

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